Casey Lawrence – Storekeeper


Casey has been working as a Storekeeper for AIG for the last 6 years. Casey previously worked for AIG as both Facilities Assistant and Procurement Clerk. She now works in a team of three storekeepers and is managed by the Head of AIG Stores. The AIG Stores provide everything that AIG needs, from new furniture for residential accommodation to paint and building materials. All goods are shipped to Ascension from the UK or South Africa so forward planning is key.

Casey likes the varied nature of her job – some of the time she is in the office sorting out admin and ordering whilst other times the work is more practical and hands-on, sorting out goods in the Stores and dealing with customers.

Family life
Casey enjoys being able to live and work on Ascension, with her family close by. Her job as Storekeeper means she is financially stable and can provide for her young son. The positive work-life balance on Ascension and not having to travel far between work and home enables her to spend quality time with her family.