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Interesting/Useful Links:

FCO Travel Advice: Ascension Island
Useful information for visitors.

Information about Ascension and her sister islands, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha

Saint Helena Government
The official site of our sister island, Saint Helena.

Tristan da Cunha
The official site of our other sister island, Tristan.

Two Boats School
Ascension Island’s school offering education from nursery through to GCSE and IGCSE.

Heritage Society: Ascension Island
A superb and interesting history resource.

Post Office & Philatelic Bureau: Ascension Island
Ascension Island and Saint Helena stamps online.

‘The Islander’ Newsletter
News from Ascension Island since 1998. Published and updated weekly by volunteers.

Obsidian Hotel: Ascension Island
Want to visit Ascension Island – book your accommodation online.

Natural Science

The Volcanic History of Ascension Island
A combined group of geologists from a number of leading British universities are seeking to better understand the relationships between the wide variety of eruptive styles found on Ascension.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
The Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, more commonly known as CITES, aims to protect certain plants and animals by regulating and monitoring their international trade to prevent it reaching unsustainable levels. The UK Government strongly supports CITES as an essential instrument for helping to safeguard species which are threatened by international trade.

The Green Turtle Zone
Did you know that the green turtle is so called because of the colour of its fat? A wealth of fascinating facts from Ascension’s Heritage Society about the history of Ascension’s turtles.

The Atlantic Green Turtle
A site devoted to the Green Turtle which come to Ascension’s shores each year to breed.

UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (UKOTCF)
This forum exists to promote the coordinated conservation of the diverse and increasingly threatened plant and animal species and natural habitats of the UK Overseas Territories. Their website includes a virtual tour of Ascension Island.

Darwin Initiative – Turtle Project website
The major aims of the project include assessing the current size of the Ascension Island green turtle population, the reproductive output of individual turtles, the sex ration of hatchlings and identification of the feeding grounds of the turtles through the use of satellite transmitters.

Shallow Marine Surveys Group
Fascinating blog with details and amazing pictures of the SMSG’s recent visit to Ascension Island.


RAF: Ascension Island
The Royal Air Force’s site about the role of the RAF on Ascension Island.

Ascension Auxiliary Airfield: Ascension Island
The American Air Force’s Detachment 2, 45th Operations Group website describing the mission of the USAF presence on Ascension Island.

Commercial Sites

Royal Mail Ship, St Helena
Andrew Weir Shipping operate the RMS St Helena which is an important lifeline for Saint Helena and Ascension Island.

Ascension Island Fishing Charters
If you want to enjoy some of the most thrilling fishing in the world, these are the people to help you find it.

Ascension Island Adventures
For sustainable fishing adventures or spectacular water time, get in touch with


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