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School Governance

The school is the Education Service of the Ascension Island Government and as such the Headteacher is responsible to the Administrator for the delivery of high quality education to the children of Ascension Island.

The school also has a School Governors Committee who meet twice a term to represent the views of the Island community and advise the Headteacher on school policy.  The most important policy documents are reproduced in full or summary form in our Parents Booklet 2015-16.  Full versions of our policy documents can be accessed from the panel on this page, or by requesting printed copies from the School Office.  The terms of reference of the SGC can be found here.

School Governors Committee Members

Chair:                                        Caz Yon

Headteacher:                           Patricia Babin

Business Representative:     Duncan Smith

Parent Representatives:        Winnie Bagley
                                                  Mark Lamond
                                                 Christabelle Wade

Staff Representative:              Paul Murray-Stringer

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