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Two Boats School
Two Boats Village
Ascension Island

Phone:                                   + 247 64432

Headteacher Direct:            + 247 66155

Website:                                www.ascension-island.gov.ac/government/school

Email:                                    enquiries@tbschool.edu.ac

Staff email addresses:        firstname.familyname@tbschool.edu.ac


Head Teacher                     Alison Emmerson

School Secretary                Nanette Anthony

Chair of Governors             Caroline (Caz) Yon

Correspondence to be addressed via the School Secretary as above.

Proprietor:                           The Administrator
                                              Ascension Island Government
                                              Ascension Island
                                              ASCN 1ZZ
                                              Telephone +247 67000 Ext 100



We value all feedback including complaints as opportunities to find out how well we are doing, to explain better what we do or to discover our mistakes and learn from them. A copy of the complaints procedure is available here or from the school office on request.

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