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As a service of the Ascension Island Government, schooling is provided on a non-fee-paying basis and all resident children on the island must attend the school if they are of school age.  In addition, the school provides nursery education, also without fees, from the September after children become 3 years old.   During 2015-16 we will continue to extend the nursery education offer on a trial basis to younger children from the beginning of the term after their third birthday, provided that our pre-admission home visit shows that the child is toilet trained and ready for nursery class.

Parents arriving on the island should contact the School Secretary at least 2 months before the anticipated start date for their child.  You will be asked to fill in a short application form (available here) and return it with the most recent school report (except nursery class applicants) and details of any education support arrangements.  Parents or carers will also need to show us their child’s passport, birth certificate and other claim to parental responsibility where required.

Although we aim to be as inclusive as possible; as a very small school, with no support agencies on the island, we only have limited resources to support children with special educational needs.  Where extra resources are required (such as a support teacher), parents, legal guardians or parents’ employers will need to meet the cost of this support.

Temporary Admissions

If we have space, we can admit students temporarily, at the Headteacher’s discretion, if they are on the island for more than 2 weeks during term time.  However an application must be made at least three weeks ahead of the anticipated start date and a recent report must be provided.

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