About the IWF Reporting Portal

Child sexual abuse and the sharing of these images and websites on the internet has increased with the ready availability of the internet. Crimes can be committed across countries and continents with images being shared around the world constantly. Fortunately, we know that this is not an issue here at this time but does not mean that it will not happen.

With this in mind, Ascension Island Government along with many of the British Overseas Territories signed an agreement with the IWF to place a portal on the AIG website on the Safeguarding page.

The IWF is a UK based organisation supported by major internet providers with the aim of reporting and removing criminal content on the internet. This is specifically in relation to indecent images of children and child sexual abuse.

Internet Watch Foundation

The aim of this foundation is to remove images and websites that may have been found on the internet by anyone.

It’s aim is not to catch people who report images but to recognise that websites and images may be found without looking for them and to remove them.

It is an anonymous portal and will take you through the process step by step. Do not be afraid to use this portal if you should stumble across such images.

IWF child pornography button

IWF child sexual abuse button

It is equally important that your children are aware of this portal as they are as likely to stumble upon images and not know what they should do about it. With this portal they can report it without telling us if they are too embarrassed to.

Remember, this is set up to remove images or websites and protect children and is everyone’s responsibility to support this.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Ascension Island Social Worker.