It is recognised by AIG and the Island Council that childminders play an integral and important role in the community. Through working with children, they have an important role in safeguarding the children in their care.

In line with the UK and other British Overseas Territories, the Ascension Island Government brought in a policy that regulates childminding.  This came into effect in November 2015. This process and policy has been tailored to fit the specific needs of Ascension. Its overall aim is to ensure that those who care for the community’s children do so in a safe environment and to maintain a register to allow parents to be able to access childminders.

Childminders usually care for:

  • children on domestic premises – this is in someone’s home; it is usually the childminder’s own home, but it can be someone else’s home; it is not usually the home of one of the children
  • at least one individual child for a total of more than two hours in any day; this is not necessarily a continuous period of time.

The process of registering is obligatory and this process is completed with support from the Social Worker.

To register, childminders must obtain and complete:

Childminders will receive training throughout the year including Safeguarding Awareness and First Aid training.

The Social Worker is responsible for supporting childminders through the application process and beyond. The Social Worker is also responsible for supporting families to access Childminders who are registered.

If you have any questions around this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Social Worker at

‘to support and safeguard’

Childminding Policies and Documents

AIG Childminder Policy

Childminder Application Form

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