Ascension Island Customs

If you import alcohol and tobacco into Ascension you will be liable for duty. The current rates are set out in Schedule 1 below. There are small duty free allowances allowed to incoming passengers in accordance with Schedule 2 below.

Schedule 1 - Customs Duties on Imports

GoodsRate of Duty (£)Unit of Qty
Alcoholic Beverages
Not exceeding 3% Alcohol by Volume (ABV)0.50Litre
Exceeding 3% but not exceeding 6% ABV0.75Litre
Exceeding 6% but not exceeding 11% ABV1.00Litre
Exceeding 11% but not exceeding 16% ABV1.80Litre
Exceeding 16% but not exceeding 30% ABV2.50Litre
Exceeding 30% but not exceeding 80% ABV6.00Litre
Exceeding 80% ABV9.00Litre
Motor Spirit - Petrol0.26Litre
Motor Spirit - Diesel0.26Litre
Diesel - generation and public utilities0.071Litre
Marine Diesel or Petrol0.05Litre
Cigars, cheroots, cigarillos containing tobacco106.67Kg
Cigarettes containing tobacco16.00Carton of 200

Duty Free Allowance

The following articles, provided that they are imported by and in the possession of a passenger, shall be exempt from the payment of customs duty - 
(a) (i) Alcoholic beverages with Alcohol by Volume (‘ABV’) exceeding 30%1 litre
plus either:
(ii) Alcoholic beverages with ABV exceeding 11% but not exceeding 30%2 litre
(ii) Alcoholic beverages with ABV not exceeding 11% Beers/Lagers4.1 Litres
(b) Cigarettes not exceeding 200, or other tobacco goods not exceeding in all 250 grams.
(c) Perfumed spirits and toilet water not exceeding 250ml.
Provided that -
(i) the allowances referred to in (a) shall not be available to any person under the age of 18 years; and
(ii) the allowance referred to in (b) shall not be available to any person under the age of 16 years.

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