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Welcome to the Ascension Island Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) webpages. The BAP sets out Ascension Island Government’s programme for conservation of biodiversity within the Territory and was developed in partnership with the University of Exeter and with funding from the UK Darwin Initiative following extensive stakeholder consultation.

BAP screenshotThe BAP is managed locally through a Microsoft Access database application that allows actions to be continually updated, archived and synchronised across multiple species, habitat and ecosystem action plans. This ‘living document’ approach is vital to ensure that the BAP remains relevant and is able to adapt to changing conservation challenges and opportunities within the Territory. In addition, the database offers a range of sorting, filtering and reporting options for generating tailored action plans and measuring progress against individual, organisational and international targets and policy obligations.

An online application is currently in development which will allow real time access to the database for users not connected to the Ascension Island Government server.  In the interim, a monthly update of the BAP database can be downloaded using the link opposite. Alternatively, annually updated pdf action plans can be downloaded as part of the species and habitat profiles below.Download

BAP Species & Habitats

Limited time and resources necessitates that we prioritise those species, habitats and ecosystems where conservation action is most needed or will be most effective. In its initial iteration the BAP targets 13 indigenous and endemic species that are regarded as particularly important because they are threatened with extinction or because they are “flagships” for more general conservation issues facing specific taxa or ecosystems. In many cases, actions taken to conserve these species will have wider benefits for lesser known species that share the same habitats. In addition, the BAP identifies four priority habitats and ecosystems where important assemblages of endemic and indigenous species are facing common threats and can be conserved through a common set of actions. Two introduced species are also singled out for attention because of the magnitude of their impacts on the ecology of the Territory. Detailed accounts of all BAP species and habitats can be downloaded using the links below. 


Ascension Parsley Fern SAPAsplenium Ascensionis SAPAscension Spurge SAPPtisana Purpurascens SAPPteris Adscensionis SAPSporobolus caespitosus SAPStenogrammitis ascensionensis SAP


Ascension Frigatebird SAPMasked Booby SAPSooty tern SAP


Land Crab SAPGiant Pseudoscorpion SAP

Sea Turtles

Green Turtle SAP

Marine Species

Yellowfin Tuna Icon Spiny Lobster Icon Rockhind Icon

Invasive Species

Mexican Thorn SAPRat SAP



Habitat Action Plans

Anchialine Pool HAPShallow Marine HAPCaptureEvidence-based MPA Icon












See also: Towards an evidence-based MPA at Ascension Island (April 2016)


Protected Areas


Wildlife Protection Ordinance, 2013 

National Protected Areas Order, 2014 (and associated regulations National Protected Areas Order, 2014 Regulations).

Fisheries (Conservation and Management) Ordinance, 2015

Control of Trade in Endangered Species 2015



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