Flying small unmanned aircraft on Ascension

Regulations for the use of small unmanned aircraft are laid down in the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order. Air Safety Support International (ASSI) has a useful section on its website detailing the legal requirements for the use of Small Unmanned Aircraft, also known as drones or UAVs.

There are some additional airspace restrictions on flying SUAs on Ascension Island. These additional restrictions were adopted in June 2016 and are summarised as follows:

  • No SUAs (regardless of weight) may fly in the Prohibition Zone within the vicinity of Wideawake Airfield. See illustrations below for pictorial purposes only. Exact details of the Prohibition Zone are given in the Air Navigation Order below.


  • All SUAs being used for commercial purposes (regardless of weight) require permission to operate on Ascension. This permission is obtained through the ASSI office.
  • All SUAs carrying film equipment have additional restrictions as to where they can be flown.
  • All SUAs heavier than 7kg must seek permission from Ascension Air Traffic Control before flying

Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013 Direction

Ascension Island SUA flow chart

ASSI Information Leaflet